Taking care of your skin

When you do your makeup you need a good canvas to start from. Having smooth skin, free from blemishes, means your makeup will go on more smoothly, and last longer.  And you’ll look younger. Always a winner!

Step 1 –  Make sure you get enough sleep.  Your skin rejuvenates while you’re sleeping, and will definitely show the world if you consistently don’t get enough zeds!

Step 2Drink plenty of water. Your system needs water to operate properly, everything from your brain to your blood to your digestive system and kidneys, but for your skin it is particularly important. At least 8 glasses of water a day, and don’t forget to eat water-containing fruits as well.  

Step 3Exercise.  Even a slight sweat will help your skin to get rid of junk that builds up on the surface, and give you that healthy glow.

You’re starting to wonder when I’m going to talk about something on your actual skin, aren’t you… well…

Step 4 – Use a sun screen. Make sure it protects it’s at least SPF 15, and protects against UVA and UVB rays, and use it every day, whether you can actually see the sun or not!  Skin that has been exposed to too much sun is prone to skin cancer, liver spots and wrinkles, plus a baked leather face really isn’t that attractive! If you’re out in hot sun all day, or skiing, and for young children and older people who have thinner skin, use SPF 30 or higher. Wear a hat, and shades too, as the skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your face, and the most vulnerable to burning.

Step 5Exfoliate.  Both your face and your body need regular exfoliation, to shift the remains of dead skin cells, and encourage good circulation.  Your skin will feel smoother, and makeup will go on better as well. Every day is too much, once a week isn’t really enough – get into a habit of exfoliating a couple of times a week, according to what your skin needs.

Step 6Don’t use soap to clean your face.  It will dry out the skin, and undo all the good work you’ve been doing drinking all that water. Use warm water (not too hot) and a non-soap based cleanser.  Organic products are great, as you can trust that they don’t have chemicals in that could harm you.

Step 7Take care with the products you use.  Many facial-care and makeup products contain an array of chemicals that could be harmful to you, as well as things such as microbeads that harm the environment.  Ensure that you use gentle, organic products where you can, to be kind to your skin.  Read the ingredients.

Step 8Remember to take off your makeup every night. It will help your skin to breathe, and prevent the build-ups that lead to blackheads and pimples.

Step 9Protect your lips. Use a good moisturising lip balm regularly.  Your lips dry out faster than the rest of your face because every time you lick them, that water evaporates, taking with it some of the moisture from that area. If you can find a lip balm or lipstick that is SPF 15, that is a double bonus, as many of us forget to put sunscreen on our lips.  

And finally, step 10 SMILE!  Smiling lifts your facial muscles, reduces the appearance of lines in your face, and tightens the muscles under your chin. Plus it makes people smile back at you, which is never a bad thing!  

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